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Best Headsets for Truckers in 2023

5 Best Headsets for Truckers in 2023 Now Answer Phone Calls Without Getting Distracted Driving a truck is not easy. As a trucker, you need to be attentive while driving and at the same time answer continuous calls. Moreover, highway driving is monotonous and it’s not easy to keep yourself awake throughout the journey. As […]

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Top Reasons to Use Bluetooth Enabled Earbuds -2023

There is more to embracing Bluetooth technology than being that weird person whom everyone else in the room thinks is talking to himself. Being able to keep your phone in your pocket and not kink your neck while talking on the phone is a huge benefit of using Bluetooth headsets, but there is more to […]

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5 Ways to Reduce Cell-phone Radiation–Use a headset –2023

There’s lots of news today about a long-awaited study on cell phones and brain tumors. The study, to be published Tuesday in the International Journal of Epidemiology, turns out to be inconclusive: It found no evidence that making calls with a mobile phone against your ear increases your risk for brain cancer, but it also […]

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Why You Should Buy True Wireless Headphones?-2023

In this age of cable-cutting, comfort-loving consumers, it comes as no surprise that true wireless headphones will soon become a staple. You’re dying to get your hands (or ears) on a pair of true wireless headphones but you’re still kinder sitting on the fence. It could be the vast number of options available out there […]

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