Bluedio T2+ Bluetooth Headphones Full Review – 2024

Bluedio is a Chinese company that has experience in making innovative Bluetooth products with the latest technologies built-in. The Bluedio T2+ are proof of that innovation. These headphones are both wireless and wired depending on how you decide to use them. They are extremely tunable and affordable. I’ll call them “Beats by Dre On A Budget”, because they cost only $52.49. This review of course won’t be possible without our friends at tiny deal which is your one stop shop for cool affordable gadgets along with international shipping.

Bluedio T2+ Bluetooth Headphones Full Review – 2022

Connectivity and Design

Bluedio T2+ Bluetooth Headphones are mainly made of plastic, leather and metal. They feel well, there are little occasional sounds when you bending it unnecessarily. It also feels hollow in some areas if tapping on them with fingernails. This is to be expected though as they have chambers for bass. They connect to any device either by Bluetooth or a cord that comes included in the box. A must have if you don’t need them to be charged, when you want to use them right away. They have Bluetooth 4.1, which has a range of 10m in free space, 16Ω impedance and they can get very loud with sensitivity at 110dB. You can connect the Bluedio T2+ Bluetooth Headphones to multiple devices simultaneously and use a “heist” mode where any device you have connected can push music to the headphones if you play music from that device. These headphones also can share audio with a friend’s headphones just by plugging your friend’s headphones into the 3.5mm jack when the Bluedio T2+ are connected to a phone via Bluetooth. The Bluedio T2+ Bluetooth Headphones also act as a Bluetooth receiver for wired speakers or you computer.

Bluedio T2+ Bluetooth Headphones Full Review – 2022
Sound Quality and Experience

The sound on the Bluedio T2+ Bluetooth Headphones doesn’t disappoint me at all. For what you pay for the sound more than surpasses my own expectations. These headphones are “king” in their price range. There are no headphones that you find that will have such good sound quality at this price. The sound of the Bluedio T2+ Bluetooth Headphones matches the quality of headphones in the $100 and $200 price range. They have built-in EQ which can be  modified by hitting both the volume up and volume down buttons at the same time. There are about six of them but unfortunately you don’t have an interface to see these changes. This is because there is no app for tweaking them. Using the volume buttons work fine though and once you get use to you’ll never find yourself wanting an app. They can call your last number by double tapping the power button and switch/pause/play music using the slider beneath the power button. They really feel comfortable and I have worn them everyday without wanting to remove them. Unlike most earphones they don’t heat up your ears except you’re in a really hot area. When not using them I hang the Bluedio T2+ Bluetooth Headphones around my neck and they are light. Not light to feel less premium but light enough to carry them around my neck without feeling any burden. It also comes with a mic for answering calls and noise cancellation. Callers heard me clearly except when it was really windy.

Bluedio T2+ Bluetooth Headphones Full Review – 2022
Battery Life and Availability

If battery life meant everything then I will tattoo a Bluedio T2+ Bluetooth Headphones on my forehead to publicly advertise them. That’s how good battery life is. The Bluedio T2+ Bluetooth Headphones charge in 2hrs and are rated to have 40hrs music, 45hrs talk time and over 1600hrs standby. In my test of having used them for two weeks listening to music on average 3hrs a day I haven’t been able to get these down to 50% yet. The only minor gripe is that battery life on the Bluedio T2+ Bluetooth Headphones can’t be identified unless you are connected to an Apple iOS device.

Bluedio T2+ Bluetooth Headphones Full Review – 2022


These are the best budget headphones in the world that are worth more that they cost. Even if you consider a pair of $200 headphones, I’ll recommend you to try the Bluedio T2+ Bluetooth Headphones first. Great price, build, sound, battery life and connectivity makes these headphones a must have if you love watching HD movies or listening to music on the go. The only drawback (a minor one) is that I wish Bluedio created an app for the Bluedio T2+ Bluetooth Headphones, that would be great for an equalizer and battery notifications on non-Apple devices.

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