6 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Next Wireless Bluetooth Earphones 2024


With a slew of Bluetooth earphones on the market, here are the 6 most important things to weigh on before buying your new pair of Bluetooth Earphones.

There are lots of reasons to go wireless. Cords and wires are clumsy, cumbersome and always tangling. Having your music on the go while on the move is probably the first argument in favour of Bluetooth earphones – convenience.

As tech build on tech, the range on some Bluetooth devices is now upwards of 30 feet, while still keeping a clear connection. Additionally, many Bluetooth earphones now have on board storage, allowing you to move with your music, while untethered to your phone or device.

Ease of connectivity and ever sharpening audio quality only make it a wiser decision to go Bluetooth.

However, as in all emerging technologies, it is best to know the key parameters that determine value for you. Here are our top six:

Sound Quality and Depth:

The true test of a pair of Bluetooth earphones is to deliver an output close to that of top-quality wired models. While the current limitations of Bluetooth keep some portable wireless headphones from sounding quite as good as wired models, the sound should still be crisp, clear and faultless. Before buying, measure our Bluetooth earphones against good wired models to get a clear quality assessment.

Voice Call Quality:

Most of us would use our Bluetooth headphone with a smartphone to also make and receive calls. It is important to have a balanced sound output that works well with music and voice calls alike, so that you can hear and and be heard clearly. Some Bluetooth models – especially those that have not been balanced or tuned accordingly – are not very good for voice calls. Ensure that your Bluetooth earphones are balanced and tuned well.

Battery Life and Charging Speed:

Most Bluetooth headphones can stay for eight hours or longer on a full charge. These numbers vary with model, specification and price. Speed of charging is another crucial factor you must consider. It’s not a nice feeling to be left earphone-less just because they take an hour to charge halfway or so.

Ergonomics and Wear-ability:

This is particularly important for those who would use their Bluetooth earphones for heavy activity, be it running, dancing or working out. Your choice of Bluetooth earphones should fit snugly enough to stay in place, but not be so tight as to cause discomfort. Also check the IPX rating of your earphones, to gauge resistance to temperature, dust and moisture. Buy a pair that can keep pace with whatever you’re going to throw at them.

Build quality and Reliability:

Hastily purchased Bluetooth earphones are notorious for their inconsistency and lack of durability. Get a feel for the build quality of your Bluetooth earphones, read up on the materials used and certifications like the IPX for durability and weather resistance under regular use. Even when buying from a proven brand, the warranty and customer service policy are of great importance. Pick a pair that are tough and built well, and have a sound warranty backing them.


It is here that we must treat most range specifications with a healthy skepticism. While obstacles and walls can decrease range to a fraction of its claimed distance, most Bluetooth earphones give you a decent range of motion from between 15 to 30 feet, while holding audio clarity. Check which Bluetooth codex the earphones use before making a selection.

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